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Chk-In Cam

Redefining What Your Surveillance Camera Provides

Monitor your home, watch Netflix, Skype with friends, or listen to music. The choice is yours, thanks to your Chk-In Cam security camera.

The Chk-In camera is controlled by an app.
This allows you to access and control the camera at any time, anywhere.
Our Chk-In app is available across all platforms


What is the Chk-In Cam?

Discover What’s Possible with Chk-In Cam

Protect Your  Home or Office

Chk-In Protect Your Home or Office

Keep an eye on your home or office, and easily access live video streaming from your mobile app to see and hear what’s happening in your absence. With Chk-In Cam, you’ll also enjoy reliably recorded footage, text and email alerts, and location adaptability.

Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

When your smart TV no longer supports Skype, rely on Chk-In Cam. The Android operating system allows you to download Skype and other video conferencing tools—so you can still chat with family and friends from the big screen.

Enjoy a Smart TV Experience

After a hard day at the office, come home to relax with your Chk-In Cam. Switch from Turn off the monitoring features and switch to Android TV mode, and you’ll enjoy a number of smart TV features—even if you have an ordinary television. Use Chk-In Cam to browse YouTube, stream music from Pandora, keep up with your favorite TV series, or play interactive games.

Who Chk-In Cam Is For

Whether you’re a busy mom or a strategic business owner, our surveillance camera meets your security, communication, and entertainment needs. Choose Chk-In Cam if you want...

  • Monitoring to keep an eye on your kids and the babysitter. Live video streaming of your pets while you’re away from home.
  • Motion or sound notifications to alert you to suspicious activity at the office.
  • A way to relax after work, such as listening to music or watching a good movie.
  • The ability to Skype from your TV with friends and relatives.
  • An expanded view for video conferences—so you can avoid the confines of a phone or laptop camera.
  • Securely recorded footage even if there’s an internet outage.

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Got Questions? We Have Answers
At Chk-In Cam, we’ve made it easy for you to explore the capabilities of our surveillance camera and discover its features. Watch tutorials, and get your most important questions answered on our support page.

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