If your loved one should fall, how soon can you get to them or get them help?

Getting a Peace of Mind has just gotten easier


We want everyone to be safe and we have made Chk-In Fall Alert Free for personal use. Simply download the App onto your phone and add your emergency contact and we will do the rest.



Does It



How Does It Work?

Recognizing A Fall

The impact from the fall triggers the Fall App and a second trigger is sent to ConeC Can to take a snapshot.

Taking A Snapshot

Chk-In ConeC takes a snapshot of the area and send the alert notification with the snapshot to the Emergency responder or caretaker.

Sending To Caretaker

Caretaker receives the SMS with snapshots on his/her phone and respond to the alert.

Safety Dashboard

If the elder parents went missing, Chk-In Fall Alert* App will give clues to the location of Elder person's last known location.

In an event of a Fall Alert or Panic Alert, Safety Dashboard will also show the last known location of the person so you can respond to the location quickly.

*Person must be running the Chk-In Fall Alert app and have the Smart Phone on the person for the GPS notification to work.

Fall Alert Subscription Plans


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