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Android TV

Our home security cameras don’t simply monitor your house or business.

With Chk-In Cam, you’ll enjoy everything from Skyping with friends to keeping up with your favorite TV show.

If you have questions about how we’ve redefined surveillance, please see our answers below to discover how Chk-In Cam meets your security, communication, and entertainment needs.

What makes Chk-In Cam different from other home security cameras?

While other security cameras focus on just one thing—monitoring safety—Chk-In Cam performs multiple functions.

Protecting your home and office is a small part of what’s important in your life, and our surveillance cameras reflect this reality. With Chk-In Cam, you’ll do more than monitor your home—you’ll Skype with friends, relax to soothing music, or watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show.

How does Chk-In Cam work?

Using an Android operating system, our home security cameras leverage smartphone technology for surveillance, video conferencing, and entertainment. Other than the ability to make phone calls and send texts, your Chk-In Cam has many of the same capabilities as your cell phone.

When you’re away from your camera, use Chk-In Cam’s mobile application to access live video streaming of your home or office. When you no longer need monitoring, Chk-In Cam and its HDMI cable will transform your ordinary TV with smart TV features.

How can I use Chk-In Cam once I’m home?

With Chk-In Cam, you can download and access your favorite apps from Google Play. Listen to Pandora, chat with friends over Skype, watch Hulu, browse the web, or play an online game.

Be sure to check out how to download your favorite Android apps in the tutorial video below.

How big is Chk-In Cam?

Small but powerful, Chk-In Cam can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

How do I buy Chk-In Cam?

You can easily purchase your Chk-In Cam when you visit us on Amazon.

How do I set up my Chk-In Cam?

Great question! We’ve put together a video that shows you exactly how to register your Chk-In Cam so it can monitor your home. You can watch our tutorial below.

Do you have a user manual available?

Yes. Click here to download our user guide.

Can I use a USB mouse or wireless keyboard?

Yes. Simply insert your USB mouse or the receiver of your wireless keyboard into Chk-In Cam's USB port located in the back of your camera.   

Can I move Chk-In Cam from my TV?

Yes. While our home security cameras mount to your TV, they don’t have to stay there. At any time, move your Chk-In Cam to another location by detaching it from its TV-mount clip and attaching it to another stand.    

But remember, just like a cellphone, your camera needs a strong signal to operate at its best. So you’ll need to ensure there’s a strong wi-fi connection when you relocate your camera.

If your Chk-In Cam is connected to a digital display, you can check the reliability of your signal by navigating to your live preview screen. In the top right corner, a signal strength icon will estimate the power of your wi-fi connection.

Can I Skype while Chk-In Cam is monitoring my home?

No. Skype and other video applications require a camera. To use Skype, you’ll need to exit Chk-In Cam's security monitoring mode.

When I use Chk-In Cam’s app, can I hear what’s going on at my home or office?

Yes. Chk-In Cam’s live video streaming allows you to both see and hear what’s happening—no matter where you’re at.     

Can I set up sound or motion alerts?

Yes. Instead of constantly checking your live video, simply enable sound and motion alerts. When Chk-In Cam detects movement or hears a loud noise, we’ll notify you with an email or SMS alert. To do this, simply log in to your account at www.chkincam.com, and go to the Settings tab, or log in to your Chk-In Client mobile app, and go to Settings.

What happens if I lose my wi-fi signal?

There’s no need to worry! Even if your internet goes out, Chk-In Cam can continue to monitor and record events. If you have a TimeDial subscription, your camera will store recorded footage safely in the cloud, and we’ll send a text or email to alert you to the outage.  

Can I edit my footage?

Yes. Download the video clip, and save it to your computer. Once the video is downloaded, use your favorite video editing app to modify the footage.

Does Chk-In Cam have voice control?

Yes. With Chk-In Cam’s voice recognition, you can give commands to Google Home or Alexa to find your favorite app.

If you choose an app that doesn’t allow voice control, remember...your Chk-In Cam isn’t broken; the application simply doesn’t have the technology to support voice recognition.  

Does Chk-In Cam support night vision?

No. Chk-In Cam doesn’t employ night vision. Hopefully, evenings will find you at home from the office enjoying Chk-In Cam’s smart TV features.

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